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Primary School, Oldham

This was a particularly sensitive project due to the access restrictions and the nature of the building, the damage originated from a burst hot water pipe which had flooded the school hall 280m2 and corridors/rooms projecting off the hall (500m2), the existing flooring to the hall was a sprung Junkers floor which was damaged beyond repair, the rooms and corridors were covered in Polysafe flooring.

Our remit was to replace all of the Junkers floor and the flooring to the surrounding corridors/room in a set timescale, (4 weeks).
The Junkers floor was from the bespoke range complete with contrasting strip borders, in addition to this Spain Building & Maintenance Ltd carried out all sub-floor preparation works. The floor was then over coated with an additional coat of wax oil for added protection.

Our operatives were able to keep the disruption of the school activities to a minimum, undertaking the works methodically, this meant careful planning of every element of the project and implementing each stage with precision timing in order to achieve all of the works inside a 3 week window.