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Customer Care and Communication

At Spain Building & Maintenance we always try to exceed the expectations of our customers and clients. To gauge our performance, we use the Net Promoter Score (NPS) index. NPS is an accepted measure of customer service and is used in various sectors worldwide. In theory, if every customer were a Detractor, a company could have an NPS as low as -100, and if all the respondents were Promoters, it could have an NPS as high as +100.

In practice, a positive NPS is good, and anything over 50 is excellent


So What is our Net Promoter Score?

For September our NPS score was 93.8% which is truly WORLD CLASS! In fact, we have always scored well above the “excellent” threshold and over the year are currently scoring 85.7%.

The chart below shows our monthly NPS score for 2016


Here are some examples of feedback we regularly receive from our customers:

Mrs H from Manchester
“Very happy with the works, especially the decorating and the workmen who were brilliant, very good job”
Ms M from Haslingdon
“Spain Builders are a great firm. They are all very clean and tidy, polite and I could trust them to leave in the house while I’m at work”
Mr C from Burnley
“Great job done by good workers. Decorators have made a fantastic job of the room”
Miss K from Worsley
“Exceptional job, Tony helped us move our furniture and also replaced if afterwards, workmanship is fantastic, really neat and I am so pleased with the finish. Highly recommended!”
Miss C from Failsworth, Manchester
“So thrilled with the end result. The work has been undertaken to a high standard and I am satisfied. Thank you for all your hard work to all the team involved”